Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Starfire - Ares Assault has been released for a few days now.

Players seem to like it generally and have complimented the visuals and music. I still seem to be falling into the trap of making games that are too hard.

The consensus seems to be that the first boss in Starfire is too tough. Not very scientific as no-one has said it ISN'T too tough!

If you're playing Starfire, please let me know whether you think the first boss is too tough... and please let me know if is ISN'T.

Any other comments are also welcome.



eXpl0it3r said...

I've no idea how much 'levels' Starfire has, but I've never got past the first Astroid field and was only able to kill the first boss on SpaceSlug (although I've only tried Normal and SpaceSlug).
So IMHO if can't get past the first boss more or less easily in Normal mode then the game is way to hard. The only exception would be if the game was really short.

James McNeill said...

It's good-looking and the sync with the music is a neat idea.

My two cents:

I've played a bunch of times and have never gotten past the boss in the asteroid field (on the Space Slug difficulty). I don't usually beat the first boss; he leaves when his time's up. I'm starting to get bored enough with the repetition of the opening patterns that I'm going to put the game down.

The alternate fire attack isn't different enough for me to be able to know when it's better to use it than the main attack, so I just stick with that. Dying so much has prompted me to go back and experiment with it, but it just seems unwieldy to use and ineffective, damage-wise. One common secondary attack in games like this is the limited-inventory screen-clearing bomb. That sort of thing is very distinct, so the player can learn how to deploy it.

Gary said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I will be going back and tweaking the difficulty.

The game is short due to being tied to the music. There are only two bosses.

The bombs are good against large attack waves and are critical to destroying the bosses.