Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Soooo Close

Getting painfully close to release now. The installer for PC is built and the company/game logos have been added into the game. The game also has a final name, which is a bonus!

The subtitle of the game (Ares Assault) is derived from the piece of music I have used as a basis for the game (Holst's Mars). For those of you not into ancient mythology, Ares is the Greek God of War, whereas Mars is the Roman God of War. The power of the music certainly gets your pulse pounding when you're playing the game. The swooping attack of the Dreadnought near the end of the game still gives me the willies!

The task list is now down to 5, except that I'm about to add 3 minor issues that require fix before release :-(

Just Mac installation package, documentation, website and more testing after that. Releasing this game has been much easier than Gravity Core as I already have everything in place and can 'borrow' installer scripts and the like.

When this game is complete, I have some non-game work to do, then I have the difficult 'next game' decision to make. The next game will be more complex than 'Starfire: Ares Assault' and will be shareware like Gravity Core.

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