Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mac Version and Future Plans

The Mac version of 'Starfire - Ares Assault' was released yesterday. So far, not many downloads but it has only been pushed out via a few forums. Anyone with a Mac - please let me know if it works OK and feel free to leave comments.

From initial feedback it's clear that my strategy of always using the desktop resolution isn't working. Think I was being a bit overly optimistic there!

Also, quite a few players have criticised the difficulty. This is a trap I've fallen into previously with Gravity Core.

Based on this, the development tasks for the game are:
  • Difficulty level rebalancing
    • Settings from 'Normal' difficulty will be moved to 'Hard'
    • Slower enemies (on lower difficulties)
    • Less damage from enemy bullets (ditto)
    • Smaller groups of enemies (ditto)
  • Longer invulnerability when respawning
  • Warning message when destroyer is approaching
  • Screen resolution choice
  • Performance settings - nebula density and shrapnel density
Hopefully these changes will make the game more accessible in gameplay terms and variety of machines it can be played on.

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