Monday, 19 March 2012

Pretty Nebula and Spinny Things

Finally coded up the nebula effect. Came together very easily. Just rendered some of the late frames of an explosion (with some colour and settings tweaked) and drawing 100 scaled up sprites, with varying sizes, velocities, size and transparency. You get 100 lovely layers of parallax prettiness.

Also added a variant of enemy that comes down from the top then spins off at an angle sideways. Pesky critters are hard to shoot!

A couple of new screens:

Monday, 5 March 2012

Necessary Evil

Spent most of today working on 'necessary evil' functionality.

The game (and engine) now has slider bars for sound and music volume. Not the most exciting functionality but now it's done and re-usable.

The player (pilot) profile screens are now finalised, to support different players on the same machine. Essentially, each player can have their own keyboard config etc. Again, standard stuff.

It's amazing how much tweaking some of this stuff takes, so that the user interface behaves as expected.

Back to gameplay development next, I think!