Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Attack Waves Completed

Finished working my way through the music to design the attack waves. I have a set of around 30 tasks / issues to work through before the game is fit for release. After that it's website work and spreading the word.

Now the music analysis is done, I can listen to some music while I'm coding. It's really hard for me to keep motivation and momentum without music.

My music of choice when 'in the zone' coding, is metal - Devildriver, Machine Head and Slayer are current favorites on my playlist.

Do you have any musical preferences when coding or working? Comments welcome.


Hayden said...

Hey, I found this site from the shmups.system11.com forum. (don't have an account there, just rereading the 'developer mistakes' list)

I prefer listening to classical/contemporary classical scores while coding. I have a bunch of stations on Pandora dedicated to some of my favorite composers: John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Bach, Jon Schmidt, Frederic Chopin, Beethoven (obviously), because it helps me focus and get in the "zone".

Gary said...

Are you working on a game?

I also listen to movie scores from time to time. I have quite a few by Danny Elfman that are good for coding.

When I think of Hans Zimmer I always think of the music from True Romance.

Hayden said...

Yes: I'm entering the Ohio State Fair competition in the Senior computers category. I'm writing the game in Python 3 using Pygame.

I recently decided to put my original idea on hold in order to make a shmup, because I've got less than a month to develop :(.

Gary said...

Good luck. Hope you do well.

Just make sure you make it playable as soon as possible, then add incrementally. That way, if you run out of time you won't be left with a broken game.