Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Asteroids Coded Up

Asteroids are now coded up for the quiet section of the music. The rocks crash into each other and split into smaller chunks when shot up, as all good asteroids should. Getting the balance right for the damage and collision physics was fiddly but feels pretty good now.

In Shoot'em'up circles, asteroid fields are generally frowned upon as boring. When I listen to the music (Holst's Mars) my imagination cunjures up an asteroid field for the slow middle of the track. Hopefully by having some nice physics and chunky explosions, the asteroid field will be an interesting (but short) change of pace in the game. I also plan to throw in some gun turrets to spice things up.

I have uploaded a video:

And... here are a couple of screenshots:

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Anonymous said...

I really like how it looks. Great job.