Thursday, 17 May 2012

Asteroid Field Gun Turrets and Dreadnought

Another step closer to completion. The asteroid gun turrets are now finished.

The final boss (Dreadnought) is mostly coded up. The boss smashes its way through the asteroids initially, before flipping. Thanks go to BareknuckleRoo on the SHMUPS forum for the Icebreaker idea.

The Dreadnought initial attack pattern (spawning interceptors) is implemented:

I'm pretty close to getting all of the attack waves and boss behaviours finished. The work doesn't stop there as I have a fair few other features to implement, such as scoring and engine tweaks/fixes, however it feels like I'm over the hump.

I spent a lot of time recently analysing the music in GoldWave (sound editor) to find the appropriate spawn points for enemies. This is pretty tedious (and stops me from listening to music to reduce tedium) but I'm pretty pleased with the end result. It will be short but intense game. The music synchronisation really adds to the dramatic effect, particularly with large attack waves and bosses.

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