Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Music and Coding

Lots of refinements this week. Improved the sprite system to make it more flexible - easier to scale, colour and fade sprites. Added quite a few more graphical effects, such as sub-explosions on the destroyer. Screenshots to follow...

A few other game devs (and other non-game devs) have been tweeting about music and its role as a motivator in coding. I thought I would throw in my thoughts...

When I'm in full flow writing new code I tend to listen to pacy metal (DevilDriver, Machine Head, Shadows Fall, Disturbed, Blaze Bailey... to name a few) and it really syncs up with my mood. If I'm grappling with design decisions or difficult to track bugs I normally opt for silence. Once I have a solution the metal comes back on.

To anyone reading... please comment or your own music preferences when 'in flow', coding or doing whatever you do.

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