Monday, 13 February 2012

Homing Missiles, Energy Pods and Massive Attacks

Homing missiles are now implemented (these are the red enemy shots you can see on the second screenshot below). The bombers now drop energy pods (first screenshot), givng you a fighting chance against the hordes of enemies that follow. As the music intensifies, so do the enemies. It's not entirely balanced at the moment - Death is a frequent companion!

I also added a few more sound effects and graphical effects, in particular enemy shots hitting the player shield now bounce of with a pretty effect and sound.

(energy pod)


Just for a bit of historical perspective, I grabbed a couple of screens from an old game I made (Windows 95 era) that bears a startling similarity to this one. Considerably more primitive and bland - I've definitely improved, as have my drawing / rendering tools!

(old game - circa 2003)

(old game - circa 2003)

Next job - secondary weapon.

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