Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ads, Hosting and Building Work

Following the release of the KitBase (scale model database) update last week, I have been tied up with arranging ads (finally) and getting the emails out to customers, press and model clubs.

This week building work started on the house. We're having a good size conservatory put on the back to give more space for us and the small person who is taking over. This will free up our lounge to become a study/office for yours truly to spread out a bit.

The work is progressing nicely. I get on well with the builder, which is good. He does take a bit of care and is minimising disruption, even taking the time to put our gates back up at the end of each day. We had a bit of a faff with brick matching but hopefully we're all sorted now.

Aside from finishing off the advertising for KitBase, I'm moving my hosting in the next few weeks. The new company is likely to be HostGator as I've heard good things from some other Indie developers and they are a lot cheaper than my current EasySpace hosting. EasySpace inflate their prices by %15 + £2.50 every year which is not stated explicitly in the T&C's - just says 'at their discression'. This gives me no incentive to stay with them as you are penalised for loyalty.

My first experience with HostGator has been a bit poor though, in that I emailed them 2 days ago and still haven't had a response.

If the hosting change doesn't cause me too much work, I may be able to crack on with some of the enhancements to the game engine next week.

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