Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Music Code and Infinitee

Away in the Lake District for a few days the other week, hence the quietude of the blog. Very lucky with weather - sunshine all the way. We're back to cold and snow now in the UK... :-(

Spent a bit of time this week rounding off my music code. Due to licensing restrictions, I can't redistribute the music in a standard file format (e.g. OGG Vorbis) therefore I'm converting the files into a custom format for distribution. I had to do the same thing for Gravity Core. It's all coded up now and was pretty easy. Another tick off in the task list and it's nice re-usable engine code to boot.

As an aside, a fellow Indie outfit (Subsoap) have taken a novel approach to the bundle concept. Check out the infinity bundle: http://www.infinitybundle.com/
This is either genius or insanity (although these aren't mutually exclusive!)

They've kindly included Gravity Core in a roundup of indie games at the bottom of the page.

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