Monday, 7 November 2011

Polish and Tweaks

Most of the development over the last week has been adjustments to the player ship model and re-lighting all of the ships from the top left. The ships were originally used in Gravity Core and were top lit. This provided interesting shading in GC because the ships were rotated, whereas the new game has the ships rolled instead.

I also reworked the Gravity Core shuttle into more of a fighter configuration and corrected the centre of gravity as this was causing the spin to be odd (notice how the upside down ship at the bottom is smaller).

The below image shows the new ship at the top and the old one at the bottom:

I've also brightened up the enemy Interceptors a bit whilst still retaining their sinister colouration. The player ship gained some pretty glowing jets as you can see below:

Back to gameplay over the next week I think.

As ever, comments are welcome.

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