Monday, 26 September 2011

Slow Mo

Just got back from holiday in Cornwall. Had some very nice walks and got the little one out onto the beach - he loved it!

Back in the real world... transferring my domain to a separate registrar. Took me a lot of searching, discussion and frustration to find a suitable one. I was going to go with GoDaddy (recommended by a few fellow indies) but you can't transfer a domain to them somewhat bizarrely.

Ended up going to 123-Reg (thanks Eddie for the recommendation). Their support was notable. I posted about switching to them on Twitter and they tweeted me (spookily). Still haven't got used to companies monitoring Twitter for mentions.

I asked them how long the transfer would take and they came back very quickly with some help how to find out in the Control Panel. Good so far.

Later on I tweeted a more complex question and they responded by phoning me and providing me with some solid advice (my knowledge of Domain Name Servers and the like is pretty basic).

The domain fiddling has resulted in gamedev being rather slooow.

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